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日本の年金制度A pension system of Japan系に変な出会い縁 [独学英会話 勉強法]

日本の年金制度A pension system of Japan系に新たな風との出会い縁
Opinion poll系サイトで8割もの男性女性有権者が「賛同」する国会議員定数と国家公務員給与の削減は、必要条件の1つに過ぎず、十分条件では有りません。政治の迷走と官僚の横暴に対する怨嗟の声voiceを見誤ってはいけません。変なの!!
他方、国立社会保障・人口問題研究所の予測Prediction of National Institute of Population and Social Security Research に拠れば、日本japanの人口は7年前から減り続け、20年後には1500万人も減少。人口構成が富士山系だから維持し得た日本の年金制度系に新たな風との出会い縁が必要で。、今こそ大転換せねばなりません。
総額年間 3 兆円に上る輸出戻し税は現在、最終販売業者の超大企業に還付され、材料や部品の中小納入業者には出会い縁がありません。変なの!!
仮に消費税率10%になれば、大手企業へ還付される輸出戻し税は 6 兆円にも膨らみます。
In the super-major company which introduces consolidated statements, 66% has not paid the corporation tax of a national tax,
and the enterprise tax on corporation of 1 yen of local tax 70 percent of Japanese incorporated company.
It is because it is the structure which imposes a tax on profits.
"Irrational". [ which exceeds election district vote weight disparity ]
Encounter with the uniform standard for levying taxes which imposes a tax to expenditure is indispensable.
Total amount annual 3 The export tax rebate which goes up to 1 trillion yen is returned to the last dealer's super-major company, meets the minor deliverer of material or parts, and does not have an edge now.
The export tax rebate which will be returned to the major company if it becomes 10% of a consumption tax rate is 6. It swells also to 1 trillion yen.


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